Saturday, January 25, 2014

Letter 687: Listless Days

I am feeling a kind of restiveness, a fretful energy that seeps through every pore in my body, urging me to move, to do something. Yet, there is the weight of a heavy sense of lassitude that is dragging me down, tugging me to the bed, or to the couch, at exactly three in the afternoon. Everything feels like lead-- my head, my eyelids, my feet, my heart. As if by sinking into the remarkable softness of my bed, I am plunging into the incomprehensible depths of the ocean, like a ship's anchor. Except I am currently adrift in my own sea of thoughts, not knowing where to moor myself. I am tired, so tired.


Bariah said...

What you need is some time off in a hammock somewhere in the south pacific - the sound of waves crashing into the beach, the gentle sway of your hammock and soothing beach breeze.

You need a holiday!

Jun said...

i sure do!!! man, i'm going crazy!!!